Honda CBR600F-P

94L.  I bought the motor bike when I changed job .  I bought it from Motorcycle City in Portsmouth for 4950 with 11000 miles on the clock.

The bike was superb considering the performance available, and that I rode it in all weathers.  The only problems that I had were brake callipers seizing up, and the down-pipes of the exhaust cracking.  I replaced the exhaust with a full Micron system, which was the only bit of the bike that was non-standard.

I sold the bike for 3100 to a bloke from work. By this time the bike had 36,000 miles on the clock, which is a massive amount for a bike - most of them are written off before then.

Can't find a photo of the bike at the moment, but here's one absolutely identical from a magazine.

cbr600.jpg (59083 bytes)