Mazda Xedos 6 2.0

93K.  I bought this car to replace the Peugeot 605. I had been looking at Mazda MX-6 Coupes, but they were just too expensive!   Looking through the Mazda adverts I found that the Xedos satisfied my requirement of being unusual, and there were also a number of cars around at good prices. I bought this car for 8995 from Convent Motors near Sunbury - it had covered 50,000 miles, but had a full service history.  I had an AA inspection done, because one of my friends had just bought a dodgy car.  The AA inspection didn't find much wrong with the car. It had had quite a lot of re-spraying done, but had all the original panels, so it was probably just repairing minor dings.  The car was superbly prepared by Convent Motors, and I never had cause to take the car back to them.

I had a few problems with the car.  On two occasions I had to replace HT leads as the spark eroded through the rubber.  I had to replace the centre section of the exhaust which was expensive because I had to use a Mazda original part.  The car had to visit the body shop twice.  Someone backed into the wheel arch and drove off which was a 100 repair.  In August 97 I caught a stone wall while reversing and scratched the front bumper.  The cost of the repair was massive. Front Bumper outer 195, Front Bumper inner 340, Front Fog light 195.  Pretty good going for a 5mph accident.  This could explain why the car is in Insurance Group 16.

I traded the car in in August 1998 against the Subaru Impreza.  I only got 4500 for it , which was a weak price, but the Subaru dealer had us over a barrel.   It had 72,000 miles on the clock.  This car definitely comes recommended as long as you buy at the right price.  If you are a sporty driver it is definitely worth going for the more recent 'Sport' version.  The car is every bit a match for the BMW 3-series in terms of refinement.  The Mazda has much better build quality, but does not have the BM's sporty handling.

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