MG Metro 1300

1983 A.   I bought this car in April 1989, and sold it in September 1990.  It was bought off of a back-street car dealer for 2450.  It had covered about 68000 miles and was in generally good condition.  As always for a first car I loved it.   During the time I had it the wheels became quite corroded, so I re-sprayed them, and also the front wings went rusty (common problem) so I re-did those too.  I put a fairly crappy Sparkrite remote control alarm in the car (as if anyone was going to nick it).  The Metro was traded in against the Citroen AX GT in September 1990.  I can't remember how much I got for it - I think that it was about 1450.  I hardly had to spend any money on servicing the Metro, and sold it at 88,000 miles.

Metro.jpg (24905 bytes)

The above picture was taken at the Pepper Pot at Blackgang, Isle of Wight.