Jaguar X-type 3.0 Sport (No 1)

New in September 2001.  The car was an X-type 3.0 V6 Sport in Pacific Blue, with Sand leather-sport interior. The following options were specified: Auto Climate Control, Metallic Paint, Premium Sound System, CD Autochanger, Electric Rear Windows, Heated Front Windscreen, Trip Computer, Electric Fold-back mirrors, Automatic wipers, Electrochromic rear view mirror, Automatic Headlights, 8 way electric seats, Split folding rear seats, Xenon headlamps. Since delivery, I changed the Front Grille to a mesh grille.

A number of the seat belts caused problems after delivery, as they would lock when you tried to put put them on. When the dealer received parts to replace the belts, the parts were supplied with fixing bolts with no threads on.... This fault eventually resolved itself. One of the Xenon headlamp units was replaced because the beam flattening lever (for use when driving in countries that drive on the right-hand side of the road) did not work.

Most significant fault was a considerable "drone" from somewhere in the driveline at 90mph +/- 5mph. I initially thought this to be an aerodynamic problem or wheel imbalance, as is apparently common on Jaguar S-types, but the experienced mechanic from the Jaguar dealer diagnosed it as an out of balance prop-shaft. Unfortunately it took two months to obtain a replacement prop-shaft, and then that did not fix the fault. The next thing to try was a replacement rear differential. This resolved the problem, and made long journeys bearable again. In order to rectify some significant trip computer inaccuracies at low fuel tank levels, the fuel tank and sender unit were replaced.

The radio was replaced twice, because it did not follow the strongest RDS signals.

The climate control system failed leaving us unable to control the interior temperature.

The drivers door lock failed and was replaced.

The boot lock failed and had to be tied up with string.

The car ran out of petrol on a busy motorway with the trip computer still showing 10 miles fuel left. The car then took less than a normal fill-up of petrol. Another new fuel tank and fuel tank sender unit was fitted.

Eventually my patience ran out, and I made serious complaints to Jaguar and my dealer. With credit to both parties, they responded favourably, and agreed to replace the car for a new model.

Over 11800 miles, the car has averaged 21.7mpg.

Jaguar X-type