We left JOG at about 3pm, and drove to The Portland Arms at Lybster. My principal reason for going to this hotel was a memory of an excellent meal in May. Unfortunately, the restaurant didn't open for three hours after our arrival. Food was available from the bar though, so we were able to eat.

Champagne timeDuring the evening, the hotel landlord made an unexpected, but very welcome appearance with a bottle of champagne. There was then a toast which was photographed for us by another guest.

For some unexplained reason, I didn't feel at all sleepy. John and I finally left the bar at 11:30 pm. This meant we had gone 66 hours with less than an hour of sleep.

When I woke at 8am next morning, I found the bedroom light still on and a book slumped on the floor. Maybe I was tired after all.

After extensive reorganising of the contents of the car (the van, with Martin, Hedley & Bob had left hours before), we left the hotel at 1pm.

We took the scenic route - which it was, now the record attempt was over. After Inverness, we followed Loch Ness to Fort Augustus, and then Fort William. We then turned inland, up Glen Coe, then past Loch Lomond to Glasgow, where we stayed the night.

On Friday we drove the rest of the way home, stopping for a while at Roger's residence in the charming village of Didsbury.