I produced what must have seemed like an endless stream of documents for the teams to read, detailing everything I knew about the route, and explaining how I would like to be looked after. There were six pages of Pace Notes, a three page Game Plan (who was involved, what would they do, and where), and further notes on clothing and feeding. Attached to the Pace Notes were a number of street maps for the trips through towns such as Exeter, Bristol etc. I seemed to be spending more time at the word processor than I was spending on my bike!

As far as obtaining weather information was concerned, I arranged to receive copies of weather charts from an RAF base (not Odiham), which John would then analyse. This meant that each day for a couple of weeks I learned a large amount about which weather patterns were not suitable for End-to-Ends.

The weather seemed most frustrating. I have to admit that I found myself actually believing that the lack of a favourable forecast was in some way John's fault.