Fortunately, I had already done some 'contingency planning' in case Pauline's attempt had been delayed (in which case there would obviously have been problems with two attempts, possibly on the same day). After first considering whether I was prepared to take on the job of organising my own attempt, these plans were put into action.

Subject to the attempt being in the school holidays, Martin Purser agreed to cover the Scottish part of the ride. He enlisted Hedley Stennett and Bob Fotheringham to make up a team.

John Dalton (High Wycombe CC) had recently retired from the Meteorological Office at RAF Odiham. At the time, I had thought of his retirement as being a problem, as it seemed that I had lost a valuable source of weather information. I soon realised though, that here was someone who might well be interested in being part of record attempts. This proved indeed to be the case, and so John was immediately in the England team.

Audrey Hughes (former multi- Tourist Trial champion) was also happy to be involved, and found herself scheduled to be Timekeeper and Observer for most of England. She also generously volunteered her son Roger (Manchester Wheelers, AND lives in Manchester) for help in the second half.

My brother Tim would join the attempt for the first night, and Pat Kenny (a former holder of the trike End-to-End) also agreed to Observe for this stretch.

I approached Dave Pitt, but his enthusiasm seemed to be on the wane, and he withdrew his earlier offer of help.

I realised that four people to cover a 24 hour stretch didn't leave much scope for coping with unforseen problems. However, short of using a second car from the start, I didn't see an easy way of easing burdens. Another time, maybe I would do it differently.