24 hour team championshipAn attempt by four members of the Antelope Racing Team to win the Team award in the RTTC 24 hour championship and improve the current team record of 1441 miles.
Antelope Racing TeamThe cycling club formed by multiple Time Trial champion and former British Best All-Rounder, Glenn Longland. The main club activities being cycling and drinking and playing darts, in no particular order.
Ralph DadswellCurrent (1996) holder of 19 RRA Records, and RTTC Competition Record holder for the trike 12 hours. Ralph was the author of the original text, and is a member of the Antelope Racing Team
Tim DadswellRalph's younger brother; also a member of the Antelope Racing Team. Tim was a helper from Worcester to Penrith. Tim also reformatted the original text for publication on the Internet.
John DaltonA former member of the High Wycombe CC, and a professional weather forecaster. John was a member of the support team for the entire record attempt.
Alan and Sue DawsonMembers of the Antelope Racing Team. At the time, Sue and Alan weren't yet married - Sue was still Sue Northover
End to EndA commonly used name for the Lands End to John O'Groats ride
Edwin HargravesThe secretary of the RRA. Edwin receives the advanced notification of an attempt to improve a record. He then circulates a copy of the schedule to interested parties (checkers) who live near the route. When Edwin is notified that an attempt is to take place, he notifies the checkers, so that they could potentially go out onto the route to provide independent verification that the rider was riding alone and unpaced.
Audrey HughesAn enthusiastic cyclist with an abundance of energy. Audrey was timekeeper for the record attempt, and official observer for most of the event.
Roger HughesA tricyclist from Manchester (Now living in Belgium) - Audrey's Son. Roger also took the excellent black & white photos shown here
Pat KennyFormer holder of the trike "End to End". Pat regularly rides in excess of 20000 miles per year on his trike. Pat was official observer through the first night.
Dave PittOne of the fastest tricyclists ever, and holder of many RRA Records. Dave has a habit of leaving preparations for races and record attempts until approximately an hour AFTER the last possible moment.
Martin PurserA very enthusiastic tricyclist from Nottinghamshire. A leading member of the support crew for the second half of the ride. Martin is a member of the Charlotteville CC.
RRAThe Road Records Association: The body that oversees national place to place and other records for bicycles, tricycles, and tandem versions of both.
Pauline and Alan StrongPauline is holder of the ladies Bicycle 'End to End' record. For a number of years, Pauline was a professional for the "Raleigh" team. Alan Strong, Pauline's husband, is also a racing cyclist.
Eric TremaineThe previous holder of the RRA Tricycle End to End
John Woodburn and AnneA multiple champion and bicycle record holder,and his companion.