It all started in November 1990, at Alan Dawson's End-of-Racing-Season party, where Pauline and Alan Strong were among the many 'distinguished' guests.

Pauline had broken the ladies' End-to-End bike record in the previous summer, and she was keen that I should have a crack at the men's trike record. The Strongs were so enthusiastic (and slightly drunk?), that they even offered their services as organisers.

I (perhaps rather recklessly) agreed to have a go in 1992. I resisted their efforts to persuade me to go in 1991, as I already had plans for Edinburgh- London.

1991 passed, with Pauline turning professional and attempting to improve her own End-to-End record. When this attempt failed (due to adverse weather in Scotland), it was announced that she was to have another try.

With this in mind, I was concerned that the offer to organise my attempt might be in jeopardy. In January 1992, however, Alan confirmed that he would still do the job.

Dave Pitt also reaffirmed that he would be keen to play a part in the attempt. I remember this occasion quite clearly as he phoned me at half-past-midnight to let me know!