I was helped off the trike, and taken to the van to change my clothes. The Groats Inn was welcoming, and I was disappointed to be offered a coffee instead of a Newcastle Brown Ale. Signing the book at JOGThe management produced their special Visitors Book for me to sign and give a brief description of what I'd done.

We were just relaxing, slumped in the chairs. Suddenly, a lady appeared at the door, asking for a Mr Badsell. I figured that she must be looking for me. "A Mr Pitt on the phone"

Dave thus took the prize for the first person making contact to congratulate me. He also promised that there was absolutely no way that he would ever, ever, ever try the End-to-End. I await the schedules.

When I returned to the bar, Martin had a question for me. He pointed to the Pace Notes I'd written some weeks before. In describing the closing stages, I'd referred to the finish as JOG. He wondered whether he had been meant to take this literally!