Pauline made an attempt on her End-to-End in late June. As I saw it, with me wanting to make my attempt in late July, this would leave sufficient time for her and her back-up team to recover. However, things didn't work out like that.

Following an unfortunate accident, Pauline didn't complete her ride. Raleigh's response to this was to propose that she had yet another try. This, of course, would mean a likely clash with my date.

Alan phoned me in early July to say that if I wanted to go in July/August of this year, then he wouldn't be available to organise for me. He went on to say that he felt that nobody could reasonably be asked to put themselves through two End-to-Ends in a year anyway.

Clearly, this was a serious blow. Particularly following our (Antelope RT) abortive bid for the 24 hour team championship, I was desperate to achieve 'something' from 1992. To abandon the End-to-End project would have been a real drag.