Isle of Wight

The Place I was born!  I've lost touch with far too many people that I used to know on the Isle of Wight.  Working on the theory that most people look back at things from their past every so often, I thought I'd put anything that springs to my mind on this page. 

For a start, here goes a photo of the 6th Form at Carisbrooke High School 1985-1986.

Please help me work out who everyone is.  Thanks to the following people for helping me out with names: Andrea Andrews, Paul Morgan, Mandy Bland, Jason Howlett, Sarah Russell, Jonathan Byers, Karen Sidwell, Russell Ashton/Hobson, Vanessa Winsor, Wendy Footer, Annamarie Jacobs, Joe Roberts, Paul Elliott.

There is a bigger version of the picture below.

Back row: James Nickerson, Damian Francis, Andrew McPherson, Peter Robinson, Lisa Puttick, Kathryn Whitmore, Rachel Porter ,Liz Butler, Jane Rasmussen, Helen Prosser, Wendy Footer, ??, Michael Graham, Steve Laughton, Nigel Hosking, David Willis or David Evans?, ??, Mark Young,  Jason Butcher, Shazia Jafri, Sarah Collins, Paul Elliott, David Summerfield, Chris McCall, Andrew Trill, Giles Roberts, Steven Warner, Gary Yates

2nd Row down: Andrew McKay, Alister Berg, Naomi Stretch, Alan Pike, Karen Sidwell, Rebecca Benstead, David Punter, Keith Nicholson, Denise Jenkins, Steven Byers, Peter Pontin, Danny Hester, Jason Howlett, Tony Ridd, Chris Pontin, Jo Thorpe, Amanda Potts, Hannah Guy, Victoria New, Kate Berry, Pia Simpson, Alex Finlayson, Sharon Hacker, Paul Morgan, Emma Oldershaw. Nicola Warren, Helen Lacey

3rd Row down: Mark Jackman, Paul Blackley (Below), John Brownscombe, Dawn Redfern, Clare Willis, Sam Dightam, Julie Harris, Andrew Choy, Tracy Abbott, Jill Curtis, Lisa Richie, Tracey Hill, Sean Maxfield, Jonathan Byers, Ross Fulford, Charles Stewart, Andrew Harding, Matthew Higgins, Caroline Day, Sandra Gustar, ??, Lisa Baker, Lucy Honeychurch, Annamarie Jacobs, Lynne Rayner, Helen Jones, Martin Thearle, Tim Dadswell (me!), Tracy Heal, Jenny Fox

Front Row: Shane Weyman, Michael King, Hannah Braund, Rebecca Blundle, Renella Lester, Catherine Mattinson, Emma Dendy, Johnny Hayward, Kim Weston, ??, Matthew Dunn, Micah Hall, Wayne Fenwick, Kevin Linnett, James Bradley, Terry Lane, Darren Parker, Dylan Garcia, Andrew Wilkes

Here's a bigger version:

I can't remember many of the names of the people in the Lower Sixth. 

My Mum and Dad  found a list of all of the people who took 'O' levels/CSEs  in 1984.  This also listed all the names of people in each 5th form class.  In case you remember faces above, but can't remember names, here are the 5th form classes to jog your memory:

5Q1: Jayne Coomber, Donna Hayward, Alison Craig, Joanne Philips, Sarah Dayer, Ann Plimley, Emma Pond, Michelle Prince, Jane Rasmussen, Julie Wallis, Julie Whittington, Andrew Bee, James Dafter, Marcus Dayer, Ross Fulford, Matthew Hale, Matthew Higgins, David Williams

5Q2: Caroline Dolby, Denise Jenkins, Helen Leppard, Susan Smale, Helen Street, Martha Tuck, Karen Wells, Vanessa Winsor, Peter Carter, Robert dobson, Philip Jennings, simon Taylor

5Q3: Andrea Andrews, Sindy Arnold, Rebecca Benstead, Joanna Bradley, Karen Bradley, Lynn Couling, Donna Langley, Helen Roberts, James Bell, Christopher Evans, James Lee, Sean Maxfield, John Parker, Nicholas Rich, Kevin Squibb

5Q4: Gillian Attrill, Jane Barton, Linda Faulkner, Sarah Hayles, Fiona Saunders, Juliet Smith, Helen Warne, Nicola Warren, Julia Willett, Tim Dadswell, Jeffrey Dove, Simon Richardson, Ian Rollins

5Q5: Clare Bonsu, Alison Brint, Johanna Farr, Karen Humphrey, Paula Osman, Elizabeth Shutler, Alison Sowden, Jane Storie, Leonie Waldron, Sally Williamson, Patrick Breslin, James Burton, Peter Hawkins, Joseph Norman, Charles Stewart

5Q6: Trudie Evans, Catherine Flux, Polly Honeychurch, Carolyn Lawrence, Alison Leaver, Johanna Millmore, Angela Moon, Rachel Porter, Pia Simpson, Susan Sumptor, Philip Cullen, Christopher Osman

5D1: Domenica Anderson, Elaine cunningham, Sharon Hacker, Tracy Heal, Sarah Lewis, Vanessa Miskin, Lisa Puttick, Nicola Shepheard, Amanda simpson, Helen Smart, Naomi Stretch, Samantha Turner, Alan Bell, Jonathan Byers, Sean Farmer, Charles Parker, Alan Pike, Peter Pontin, Russell Shotter, Martin Thearle

5D2: Elizabeth Butler, Linda Crosbie, Lisa Emmett, Alex Finlayson, Rachel Gray, Helen Groves, Julianne Molloy, Rachel Nickerson, Kimberley Powell, Joanna Rushton, Kathryn Whitmore, Simon Ball, Andrew Harding, Michael Kimber, Nigel Merett, Andrew Pilott, Colin Regan

5D3: Vivienne Carr, Karen Forster, Wendy Haward, Tracy Manfield, Heidi Marke, Hayley Sheath, Debra Wavell, Lesley Woodford, Nicholas Collins, Dylan Garcia, Andrew Hook, Keith Morey, Michael taplin, Steven Wheatley, Robin Whitehead

5D4: Maria Belcher, Sarah Clarke, Wendy Footer, Maria grant, Rebecca Mansell, Elizabeth Martin, Elizabeth Murphy, Helen Prosser, Colin Bell, Alistair Berg, Darren Steed, Jef Van Oevelen

5D5: Lucy Adams, Samantha Cameron, Sarah Jupe, Karen sidwell, Michael Blake, Mark Lawton, Liam Madden, David West, Trevor Wolfe

5D6: Rachel Chambers, Nicola Hayles, Helen Lacey, Joanna Simpson, colin Banting, Tony Bridgeman, Steven Crabb, David Punter, Steven Redrup, Neil Snow.

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